Avenida viñuelas tres cantos

Avenida viñuelas tres cantos, Ejercicios de respiración

Walk through tres cantos during the snowfall of the century.

It was part of Colmenar Viejo, until its segregation in 1991. It is called Tres Cantos after the name of a geodesic vertex near the land where the city was created. Due to its proximity to the city of Madrid, it stands as a dormitory town of the capital, but also as a business city, since many companies have their headquarters in Tres Cantos.
Tres Cantos is an example of a planned city, with a multitude of green areas and urban parks. It is a modern city, with a high quality of life and with a demography very accentuated in the youth of its inhabitants. It has a large number of social activities and services, such as cultural and entertainment centers like the Casa de la cultura or the Casa de la juventud, in addition to the movie theaters located in the commercial center.[1] Tres Cantos was one of the first cities in the world to have a large number of cultural activities.
Tres Cantos was one of the first ACTUR (Actuaciones Urbanísticas Urgentes) planned for the decongestion of Madrid and Barcelona by Decree-Law 7/1970, of June 17 (BOE n. 155, of June 30, 1970), promoted by Vicente Mortes, who had been appointed Minister of Housing by Franco in 1969, a position in which he continued until 1973. While in the subsequent application of these urgent actions, large neighborhoods were simply created on the outskirts of the chosen cities (Lakua, in Vitoria, ACTUR-Rey Fernando, in Zaragoza), in the case of Tres Cantos it was a question of creating a new city, following the experience of the English New Towns. For this reason, in the initial model projection of the new city, some 20,000 dwellings would initially be allocated, an idea that would gradually be refined.

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Of the two covered lounges, the Salón de Armas stands out, with a great monumental value, composed of authentic Gothic elements brought at the beginning of the 19th century from the Church of San Francisco de Cuellar (Segovia), dating from the 16th century, and which perfectly complement the style of the castle.
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